Cut N Place

How to use Cut N Place :  Guide and Tips


The Cut Tab 


This Tab is a wizard style tab, the title is always stating the current step we are in, and left and right arrows at the bottom navigates between the wizard steps.


We start by loading an image and zooming on the item needed cutting.


The next two steps are sampling the item (blue) and the background (red) pixels.

Sampling is done by long pressing on a pixel and then start moving.

The Cursor has an offset from your touch in purpose, so that you can sample accurately. 


In this mode you can zoom in and sample more precisely if needed. you can also move the image to the sides so that you can sample areas out of the cursor reach. you can also rotate the device and the cursor orientation and offset will rotate too, to help sample near pixels near the edges.


Be careful and do not include background pixels in your item, and vice-versa do not include item pixels in your background.

You can always use the above redo and undo buttons for redoing or undoing wrong samples, and also the clear button the clear them all.

It Is important to include as many color regions as possible for the algorithm to work as expected, sampling along the edges usually gives the best results. remember the algorithm is not the human eye and brains.

When we finish sampling we make the cut by tapping the scissors button, and we move to the Edit Cut Result step.

First thing to note here that the cut was not perfect. This might be because we may have missed some color regions in the sampling, in this case, we can always go back and sample more foreground and background.

This can also be because the item edges were blurry, or the cutting algorithm was too sensitive or too rough for your type of image. For best algorithm results try to use : 
1) images with good lighting and with as less shadows as possible around our item.
2) sharp and not blurry images.
3) item which is different in contrast from the background.
4) not to much noise in the image.


For example the image of the lioness, the item is very similar in color to the background, and some of the edges are blurred and almost fused  to the background, so we have some corrections to do here.

In the Edit Cut Results step we can manually fix the cut result using the circular eraser attached to our cursor, we can change the circle size using the scroller above. we can set the mode of the brush from erasing pixels to revealing pixels.


Its recommended before cutting to the add more item and background pixels and cut again, this will be sometimes faster and more accurate with smoother edges.

You can add more sample and cut and edit and then add more samples, your editing will not be erased.



 When we have finished editing the result we can save the item to the item list. There are three kinds of the savings : 

1) The item only.

2) The Item as a layer.

3) The Item as a layer with its background.


A layer is like a layer in all editing software like Photoshop, its in the same size of the original image even before the zooming, and contains only the item. this can be used to create a multi-layered  background and makes it easy to insert items behind items in a given image. saving with your background, automatically loads your background when you select the item. 

Here is an example : on the left a simple item cut, my wife, and on the right my wife is saved as a layer with the sofa item being placed behind her.




Layers are static and cannot move/scale/rotate, however you can use Effects like motion blur on them.




The Place Tab

This is the more intuitive fan part, we can load a background image for your photo album or the CutNPlace gallery. 



Now we can add the item from our item list to our playground. we can add many items to our playground one at a time.


To control the item we need to select it first, this is done by the tapping inside the item.

Once selected we can Move the item, Resize , Rotate, using simple gestures and touches,  we can flip the item horizontaly using a double tap. Bring him to front using long press.  when the item is selected fingers can touch outside of the item for gesture to work.

We can also remove an item using a fast swipe or double tap with two fingers.


When done placing our item we can go to the export menu.


Here we can select an inner boundary for export and save, email or upload to facebook or instagram.

The Export option is a one time unlimited exports in-app purchase.

For example when upload to facebook button is pressed the next dialog will open, where you login to facebook and can add a post to your picture and upload it.